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Elango ChandramohanElango Chandramohan

Post On : 25-August-2015, From : India - Bangalore
Advanced Professional Diploma in Training and Development

The staff were extremely friendly and courteous. The first four chapters were very informative. Online based assessments were very helpful and provided immediate results. Ample time was provided to complete the course. Feedback was very positive and effective.


Post On : 14-August-2015, From : India, Hyderabad
Advanced Professionaip forl Diploma in Training and Development with Specialization in Behavarioul and Facilitation Skill Training

I had a lovely experience with ATI...love the course structure and the faculty.....They are very helpful....would love to be associated with ATI professionally either full time or part time... Glad that I upgraded myself with two courses TESOL &TTT....wish you had more courses like soft skills trainer ,voice and accent trainer course...would have enrolled for them.. Thank you so so much

Spencer DuligallSpencer Duligall

Post On : 14-August-2015, From : England- Torquay
Advanced Professionaip forl Diploma in Training and Development with Specialization in Behavarioul and Facilitation Skill Training

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it provided a fabulous well structured learning experience, which resulted in gaining vital information for conducting training sessions. I now have the knowledge to research, build and conduct training programs, and be confident in being able to make them fun and interactive learning experiences for participants.


Post On : 13-August-2015, From : INDIA - BANGALORE
Advanced Professionaip forl Diploma in Training and Development with Specialization in Behavarioul and Facilitation Skill Training

It was an extraordinary experience as I never expected so much out of an online program. Every single aspect of the program, right from the introduction and registration for the course upto the completion of the course was excellently streamlined and well organised. My tutor Divya is a well experienced, professional, pleasant and an extremely patient trainer who beleives in going that extra mile for her student. I never once felt that she lacked something as she was always there ready to help giving her 100%. The assessments brought out my 100% and the feedback that followed post evaluation was a great insight to my shortcomings which I otherwise would have not realised. To sum it all....this course is "Extra Value for your money". Kudos to Divya and a round of applause to Shounak for his co-ordination skills. :) Way to go ATI.

Kewal GanganiKewal Gangani

Post On : 05-August-2015, From : India, Mumbai
Advanced Professional Diploma in Training and Development

First of all I would like to thank American TESOL Institute, Ms. Avantika, Ms. Divya and ATI team from all my heart for providing such wonderful courses and support online, I express big gratitude to you all. Honestly speaking I am very happy to successfully complete this excellent course and on the other side feeling little bit sad completing, I just want to continue? This is Specially for Ms. Avantika: Hello Avantika Madam, Thank you very much for sending me the very first email regarding this excellent course on 20th Sept. 2014. As this is my very first online course, I had lot many questions and honestly speaking some of them were silly but you answered all the questions including silly ones in a very courteous way, I really appreciate your tender response and I hope and believe I could develop such unique quality in myself too. Thanks a lot Madam! This is Specially for Ms. Divya: Hello Divya Madam, I remember the day when you called me for the feedback of final-term assignment regarding rework of answer 2 and 3 and you were explaining every bit of improvement for around 10 minutes. It feels great when our tutor gives such honest feedback, I could sense the real and genuine care for others in giving the feedback. Thanks a lot Madam! I believe giving feedback is not an easy job; you have to make lot of effort in understanding all the answers and accordingly give the feedback and also appreciate the positives and convey the scope of improvement for the students. Fantastic job done I would say. And yes I can?t forget that astonishing gift and that sharing of ?Happiness? video on the facebook page on completion of Mid-term Assignment. It had been a very wonderful journey from almost a year; you and Avantika Madam has been guiding me online and also on phone and so I would like to make a very humble request to Avantika and Divya Madam, may I ask you to share your photograph please? I hope you don?t mind with this question. I apologize if you do. I?ll be waiting for your valuable reply on the same? And finally, Gratitude for all of your very valuable blessings throughout! I can?t forget this very special 1 year of my life with you all. Thank you so much for inspiring us! I hope and wish I could personally meet you and Avantika Madam someday. It?s time to ACT NOW and apply all the techniques that you made us learn. I am sorry for this very big feedback / mail and thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule and read this. And finally my wish for you all is that you continue to love life and never stop dreaming. May beauty, happiness and love surround you not only today, but forever?!

Madhulika TewariMadhulika Tewari

Post On : 05-August-2015, From : Mumbai (India)
Advanced Professional Diploma in Training and Development

Overall experience was good. I was happy with the support extended by my course coordinator and resolution of all the queries. the approach toward course delivery was professional and the feedback at various stages of the course added value.


Post On : 27-July-2015, From : India; Kolkata
Advanced Professionaip forl Diploma in Training and Development with Specialization in Behavarioul and Facilitation Skill Training

The course content was good though but could have been more experiential based learning content with more case studies.

Shradha Jambhekar Shradha Jambhekar

Post On : 25-July-2015, From : Pune India
Advanced Professional Diploma in Training and Development

Training part is good because it's self study but I would appreciate more involvement of the coordinator & trainer after admission is done,, it was more like till admission process was on everyone was communicating later,, no wellbeing was asked during the course Administers should update job site regularly because jobs mentioned there are posted 2 to 3 years ago

Tushar SrivastavaTushar Srivastava

Post On : 10-July-2015, From : India, Kolkata
Advanced Professionaip forl Diploma in Training and Development with Specialization in Behavarioul and Facilitation Skill Training

Hi Team, Would like to thank you all for the support and the encouragement for the completion of the course. Training is the foundation stepping stone towards Development of A Group & Most importantly self development. The course content was relevant and made sense of it all. Would like to use the knowledge and skills that I have learnt from here. Training is a very responsible Job and I have learnt how to ensure that self development can ensure that a Trainer is able to deliver the goods with utmost clarity and perfection. Would like to thank Shounak for his support and special thanks to Divya (My Tutor). Thank You All Again From The Bottom Of My Heart. Wishing You All A Rocking Year Ahead. Best Regards, Tushar Srivastava

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